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The splay for the board knife is 5*7, the punching needle, EVA, punching

    Dongguan kau macro is metal processing shop is located in dongguan city beijiao town lamma administrative zone, is a company specializing in the production of the piercing mill special punch and the flower of the knife mold factory, Swiss impact, thick mouth blunt, blunt needle, Swiss rushed, thick hand blunt, flower shape hand blunt, half serrated knife, triangle serrated knife material, single, double, double needle, mould for shoe factory, a business: hardware of the knife mold materials, leather cloth punching machine, punching special impact, etc. The ease of dongguan company was founded, has been committed to metal mold technology innovation, the company in the continuous development and innovation, with first-class quality and excellent service, Opened dongguan city knife mold hardware new era. The company introduces Taiwan's latest high-tech equipment and technology, has a group of professional senior management and technology developers.

    Our company's main products are: hardware accessories of knife mould, knife mould fittings, flower pattern punching, edge punching, double-sided punching, double-sided pin, edge hole cutting, digital punching and EVA punching
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