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Shoe factory "holy land", whole year 365 days have no slack season
From: Dongguan market Kau too macro processing hardware store Post date: 2018-09-22

With more than 30 years of persistence, shuangyopu town of ningxiang city in hunan province has created an annual production value of more than 500 million yuan "foot world".
      In addition, the town has also set up more than 150 shoe and accessory enterprises across the country, and opened more than 200 shoe products sales stores. And the shoe that people buys international famous brand such as adidas, camel, CAT, quite a few by the town of doufu to be processed on behalf of.

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Transformation and upgrading: from drawing according to the gourd to private ordering
      In doufu shop town, shoes, shoes shops, shoe enterprises, shoes industrial park.. More than 20,000 people work in the shoe industry in this town of 50,000.
The shoes produced in the town are not only mid - and high-end, but also custom-made. The private customized experience hall is featured by pure handwork. As long as the customer stands on the machine, the computer will automatically collect three-dimensional data of the feet, making the custom-made shoes the most comfortable.
      Shuangfu shop town shoes industry started in the 1980s, mainly manual workshops. In the early 1990s, the rise of southern migrant workers, many people to fujian, wenzhou and other places to work, incidentally a shoe business. The town that made the first bucket of gold in life did not want to just sell shoes, began to "follow the hulubailu" their own processing production. Clean beautiful shoe industry chairman liu yijun is the town the first private start shoe factory. By the mid and late 1990s, the town had more than 60 shoe factories and supporting enterprises, with nearly 10,000 employees in the shoe industry.
      Since 2004, a number of powerful forces in the footwear industry have been formed in the town. Through the introduction of automatic production lines, industrial upgrading has been successfully achieved, and famous trademarks of hunan province, such as "fragrant rain, fragrant snow", "kaixin", "Rio salsa" and "baibank" have been created.

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Western route industrial corridor: 100 days to create 'shenzhen speed' in ningxiang
     365 days a year, 360 days are so busy that the orders we received are already scheduled for next year." " In lu ge shoes, company chief hu weiping pointed to the busy workshop told reporters.
      In 2013, as an important part of the "western industrial corridor" of ningxiang city, the shuangyopu town shoe industry industrial park was incorporated into the city's six dominant industrial chains since last year.
     In 2017, hu zhaohui returned to his hometown in ningxiang, which opened its factory outside. Luge shoes, with a total investment of 80 million yuan, has entered the shuangyaipu shoes industry park. The company has undertaken the OEM production of a variety of international brand shoes, and it also produces and sells its own brand shoes. The project was signed on January 16 last year and put into operation on May 4. The 100-day period set the "shenzhen speed" of ningxiang, and the government's full sincerity also touched the entrepreneurs who came back to invest in the village.
     With the arrival of large shoe enterprises, packaging, soles, fasteners and other supporting enterprises are also quickly driven up. Now, there are 6 enterprises in the shoe-industry park, and 22 enterprises have been introduced into the town.
       Rural revitalization: "shoes industry +N" integrated development
      At present, doufu shop is constructing the integrated development mode of "shoe industry +N", forming the business mode of shoe industry + tourism, exhibition, trade, creativity, training, etc. The deep integration of one, two and three industries, a picture of rural revitalization is unfolding.
      Spread over the next three years, and will be "shoes have wisdom of central town" as the goal, the implementation of open lead engineering, acceleration and xtep, Nike, and other enterprises to negotiate contract, argues vigorously the introduction of more than five well-known brands, more than 20 size shoe companies, more than 50 shoe industry supporting production enterprises, form a complete supply chain, the construction industry big data platform, accelerate the construction of Internet financial logistics park. At the same time, with the mode of "tourism + industry", the project of shoe fashion travel will be built to expand the reputation and influence of "middle shoe capital".

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