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Hongtai has high precision, many styles and good quality
From: Dongguan market Kau too macro processing hardware store Post date: 2018-09-22

On the macro too
      Hongtai hardware processing shop is based on market, quality, credit, customer first and service first. Is a specialized production "punching factory" special punches and "cutting die factory" of the flower pattern of punching, sharp, thick port, punching needle, the flower pattern of hand stamping, double-sided, double-sided needle, single-sided needle, metal materials of cutting die, leather cloth punching machine, punching hole special.

Complete specifications

The length of the standard

High precision
Macrobutton _ characteristic

1. Made of high precision equipment and controlled by computer;
2. No large holes, length standard;
3. Special purpose for leather punching;
4. Special punching hole for automobile seat cushion;
5. Fully automatic import equipment is processed with high precision.
6. It can also be customized according to your requirements
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Partial punch _ list

Rendering _ show

Our company's main products are: hardware accessories of knife mould, knife mould fittings, flower pattern punching, edge punching, double-sided punching, double-sided pin, edge hole cutting, digital punching and EVA punching. Contact number: 18676993103.

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