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Recently, the customers are asking for several types of punch, do you also need?
From: Dongguan market Kau too macro processing hardware store Post date: 2018-09-11

Macro too hardware
    Can't find the right punch?
    Might as well try the macro too of the punch, a variety of styles and specifications for your choice!
    According to the recent question from many customers, do you have any flower blanks, leather punching holes, molds, etc., so I will introduce the pictures of these kinds of punches in this period. You should know what our punches are. And it can be customized according to your plan!

01 punch

02Flower rushed

03Punching mould

04Digital blunt

05Sample detailed

Product features
1. Made of high precision equipment and controlled by computer;
2. No large holes, length standard;
3. Special for punching leather

Our company's main products are: hardware accessories of knife mould, knife mould fittings, flower pattern punching, edge punching, double-sided punching, double-sided pin, edge hole cutting, digital punching and EVA punching. Contact number: 18676993103.

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