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From: Dongguan market Kau too macro processing hardware store Post date: 2018-06-28

- perception of weakness -

A person is too strong, no matter the starting point is not good, will be hurt, this kind of injury is almost irreparable, so many people are black and blue, because do not know to show weakness. It is very simple to show weakness, listen to others' opinions, pay attention to feelings, manage emotional intelligence properly, and make people feel safe in cooperation. Weakness is not compromise, it is faster to reach a goal, it is great. Learn to show weakness and make rice ripe!

- realize giving up -

Life is a process of constant choice and giving up. Only by giving up can limited life release the greatest energy. Without the courage to give up, there will be no tenacious persistence. Giving up is a spiritual awakening, a manifestation of wisdom, like putting birds back into the forest and fish into the water. When all the dust settled, the noise of the past returned to calm, we will truly understand: giving up is also a choice, losing is also a harvest.

- understanding state of mind -

A person lives in a state of mind. Many of the variables in life depend on the change of the three talents of heaven, earth and man. There are many little things in a person's life, how much can you care about? Life's events can only be human to listen to the fate of heaven, how ordinary people can do? It is not worth taking care of little things. It is no use crying over big things. So be happy with the little things. Be generous with big things.

- understanding solitude -

Learn to be alone with yourself and your mind will be purified. Solitude is also a necessary space for the soul to grow. Only when you calm down can you return to yourself. A home in the heart, a road in life. Only when you learn to be alone with yourself will your mind be clean, your mind mature and your heart be wide. Solitude is a kind of quiet beauty, but also a kind of practice. To be at ease when alone is to be at ease when noisy.

The heart is burning with joy and care, and the eyes are filled with dust and dust. A wise man looks straight ahead. A wise man looks backward in everything. A wise man is one who overcomes others. A wise man is one who overcomes himself. Keep your mind pure, and your way without me. The past, the past, cannot be remembered; Now matter, now heart, with fate; Future things, future heart, rest assured.
  You should not mind people who are not good to you. No one is obligated to be good to you. The knowledge you learn is the weapon you have. You can start from scratch, but you can't be unarmed. The way you treat others does not mean how they treat you. Loved ones have only one fate, cherish well, next life, no matter love and love, will never see again.

There is no work in the world that is not hard, no place that is not complex. Time will not slow down, even if you reject the present unhappiness. So, long snack! Don't lose your temper at random; no one owes you anything. To learn to keep a low profile, there are gains and losses between choices. Learn to be practical and practical, the simpler the happier. When a person has enough connotation and material support, life will become full of confidence.
     All things arise out of necessity, and are born out of thought. If you persist in something or something, you will be swayed by considerations of gain and loss and worry will follow. If you can see through everything, you will have nothing to fear. Life is often afraid of what will come, when you see light gain and loss, meaningless success or failure, but the wind is favorable, disaster cheng xiang. The most precious thing in life is to have a normal heart, far away from the cloudy, calm as water, and not be confused by all the colors in the world.

In life, there are always some things that we can only appreciate. Far away, we can never approach each other. In the end, we choose to go away. There are always some feelings, we can only experience, silently, finally can not accept, finally, choose to leave. On the road of reincarnation, choice is connected with fate, and giving up is related to life. Life is about choosing, moving into a new life, giving up, being free, and moving on.
     Many people like to study "the way of talking" to get around people. In fact, the best way to speak is not to learn how to speak, but how to be a human being. People are kind and sincere. Even if the language is bad, people will like you. If the heart is not good, even if the mouth will say again, others have been cheated for a while, will not be cheated for a lifetime. Therefore, words are the heart, learning to speak do not give up.

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